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French manufacturing neutral tissue paper and printed

Our Pyrène ® tissue is a natural product born of the noble material wood and is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. All our products are made from cellulose, the dye is set in the fibers (coloration in mass), and in contact with water the color does not fade. These colors are permanently monitored by "LAB" process. Our white paper can have contact with food products (fatty, dry and damp foods).

We are one of the first producers of innovative paper with an environmentally friendly approach, and continue our efforts to make it a "clean" industry. We totally respect present standards notably in terms of waste.
Our laboratory will answer all demands to produce other specific colors.

We print our entire Pyrène ® range.

Our Pyrène ® goods protect and lend a hint of refinement to your packaging.

Our range is divided into two presentations on stock we can ship within 24 hours

And also on order